Every year, millions of Christians around the world prepare themselves for Easter by recognising the season of Lent, a time to walk with God in anticipation, reflection, and humility. This Lent series is focused on being attentive to the centre of our faith – Jesus Christ the Great I AM.  

To navigate an increasingly polarised world, we need to keep focused on what we hold in common in the person of Jesus. While we recognise our diversity and differences, what keeps us united is Jesus himself and his generous welcome and invitation to find in him all we need to live faithfully and justly in God’s beautiful broken world 

Who is Jesus? Who does Jesus say he is? What is our response to who Jesus says he is? The seven ‘I AM’ statements of Christ recorded in the Gospel of John provide a focal point around which to reflect on these questions and to be reminded of the truth that Jesus Christ is the answer to our deepest craving. Jesus Christ is truly the only One who can satisfy the longing of every single person, so that we can live whole, complete and joy filled lives for ourselves and to shine out to others. 

Although traditionally Lent is over a 6 week time frame, as a church we will do a slightly shorter Lent Series beginning  Sunday 27th March. Of the seven I AM statements of Jesus, 6 will be covered over 4 Sunday Services (finishing with Easter Sunday).

Below is a table of dates for this series.

Sunday 27th  March Sunday Service I AM the Bread John 6:22-69  
Sunday 3rd April   Sunday Service I AM the Gate & Shepherd   John 10:1-21 
Sunday 10th April  Sunday Service I AM the Vine  John 15:1-17 
Friday 15th April   Good Friday Service  I AM the Bread  John 12:20-33 
Sunday 17th April   Easter Sunday Service I AM the Resurrection & the Life  John 11:1-44 & 13:31-14:14 

Phone Downloads

Download these wallpapers for your phone to be reminded of the “I Am” statement of Jesus for the week.