Often were hear this phrase …..”Excuse me I have to GET READY for my next appointment”. It might
also be in relation to getting ready for a holiday, for Christmas, a job interview, or school just to
name a few things. We are often working towards a future goal, a future target and we have steps
in place to get us ready for that. While we can never be fully prepared for the future, the phrase
GET READY means to be prepared for what is to come…as best we can.

Similarly, the annual observance of the Lenten discipline among Christians is a time to GET READY.
To GET READY for Christ’s continued restoration work in our lives. It is a time to reflect, take stock of
our spiritual condition, and realign our lives. Our theme for 2019 at Hope Presbyterian is also GET
READY…for what God wants to do. It seems fitting that during the period of Lent, when Christ journeyed
and readied himself for the greatest mission in the cosmos, that we should continue our efforts in
getting ready for God’s mission for us.

We will look to do that by entering the season through the Ash Wednesday call to self-examination
and repentance; by prayer, fasting, and self-denial; and by reading and meditating on God’s Holy
Word. As we contemplate the method of Lent, the spiritually mature among us become aware of
how out of step we are with where we are called to be. Through this series we desire to set in play a
course of action for what Christ wants to do THROUGH us as we reflect on what he did FOR us. As
we grasp this amazing gift and sacrifice afresh, we realise that it is impossible to live as we had
before. We all have work to do to prepare for what God is calling us to.

Our goal for all who engage in this Lenten period, is that the way of Jesus becomes either the “new
normal,” or that those who have been consistent in the journey over time  are strengthened and prepared for what is next.