This form is to be filled out if you are planning to run an event through any of the Hope Presbyterian sites. Please note that Ministry Leader sign off is required for your event to go ahead and that all room and equipment requests are subject to availability.

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Financial Information
  1. Please fill out this section if you will be using money from your ministry budget or there are registration/donation costs associated with your event.
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Registration Information
  1. Please fill out this section if you are taking registrations/expressions of interest for your event/program. We will use this information to set up online registrations for the calendar
Venue Information
  1. Please let us know what room(s) you will require for your programme/event. Please note that this is a request only. If the room requested is unavailable we will be in touch to discuss alternative arrangements.
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Equipment Required
  1. Please let us know if you require any equipment for your event/programme. All equipment is subject to availability.
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Purchases and Sales
  1. Please fill out this section if you require the support team to purchase items for your event/ministry.
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