Hope Youth, bringing home the bacon since ages ago…

The Hope Youth young people are selling Hellers bacon packs as a way to fundraise  and get themselves to Easter Camp.

A portion of every packet sold goes directly to the YSWC Trust so you will be helping us with every purchase and who doesn’t love bacon!

Plus the more you buy the more you save, check out the pricing below:

Heller Middle Eye Bacon 400gm (12-14 slices)

Please ensure all orders are made and paid in full prior to Tuesday the 13th of March

You can pick up your order at the Combined Church Service on Sunday the 18th March unless alternative arrangements are made



1 x 400gm pack of bacon for $8.00*

2 x 400gm packs of bacon for $15.00 ($7.50 per pack)

3 x 400gm packs of bacon for $20.00 ($6.70 per pack)

1 x Box (12 packs of bacon) for $70-00 ($5.83 per pack)

*These are sold in the supermarket for $9.15 each