Building Project Update (June 2016)


Having received an overwhelming mandate from the congregations, we have engaged Sarah Barrer’s company to undertake the capital feasibility study.  This will involve Sarah’s team working with us to develop the compelling story as to why we need to build, and to paint the picture of the possibilities of ministry and mission the building developments will enable.  The India project is very much part of this overall picture.

We will be also developing a list of folk who may be key major donors from within our Hope community, but also potential supporters outside in the business and philanthropic communities who may well be very supportive of the projects.  It will be Sarah’s role to interview these folk to ascertain their interest in proving significant financial support.

Sarah’s team are also meeting with representatives from each site, to gain a full understanding of the various drivers and imperatives at each location – aside from a trip to northern India!

Last week, Sarah’s team met with our lead architect, Dalman Architecture to be fully briefed on their planning work to date.

Here is a photo of Sarah and her team.

Sarah and team

We are also preparing for a critical meeting with Presbytery and national church  leaders  on 16 June.  At this meeting, we will be making sure we understand the correct process for applying for significant capital to support our projects.

Please keep the building projects, the building committee and the capital raising exercise in your prayers as we seek to continue to follow where God is leading us on what is a very challenging path!