Building Project Update (July 2019)


Sano Diyo
Spectacular result with the impressive new building completed on time, on budget and in use! What a joy it was for Lea and Hamish to represent Hope at the opening in February 2019.


West Melton Stage 1
The relocatable pre-fab refurbishment is nearly completed, just the finishing touches to be done. Volunteers are very involved in helping with this and the congregation, especially the children and youth, are itching to get into the building. It is looking really good. Many thanks to the West Melton building committee who have put so much time and energy into getting this right.


West Melton Stage 2 and Rolleston
Both are at vital stages of preparation for building to begin. Given the size of the projects and the importance of getting the next steps right, we have engaged a professional project manager to lead us through to completion. After careful consideration we have engaged Judith Jeru from Rangzen Projects Ltd in this role. Judith comes to us with considerable experience with church builds of a similar size to our project. We are excited about the impact she is already having on the project.

West Melton stage 2 involves the building of the new auditorium and renovation of the existing building together with landscaping, car park and playground. Resource consent has been approved and we are into the detailed design phase. Once this has been completed we will know the final cost, which will then allow us to finalise our funding plan, get wider church approvals, confirm our contractors and start building.

Rolleston is at the point of finalising concept design. There has been some serious thought given to reducing the upstairs space to just a small office and storage space. We think we can do this without reducing the overall functionality of the building. This should result in significant cost saving. Once this is agreed on, we will be in a position to go for resource consent. It will also allow us to get a firm grip on the cost of the building which will allow us to work on a funding plan to close the gap between what we have for Rolleston (currently $2,791,112) and what we need to raise to complete the building.

One of the requests made at the forum was for a funding thermometer so the congregations can see exactly where we are at with funding. This was generally affirmed by the forum. Once the figures become clearer we will follow through on this.

Another question asked was regarding who will own the new churches when they are built. The answer is that property north of the Waitaki River belonging to PCANZ is vested (entrusted) to the PCANZ Church PropertyTrustees under the Church Property Act, 1885.  (Property south of the river is vested in the Otago Foundation Trust Board).


The Trustees are the registered owners of, and are legally responsible for all church property.  This means that “PCANZ Church Property  Trustees” appears on all titles, and that nothing can be done with property without the Trustees’ express authority.  This structure is to protect church property for future generations and to make sure parishes make sound, mission-focussed decisions on their property assets.  In effect, this means that individuals’ contributions towards church property ( for example, our current building programme) are forever held in trust and can never flow back to the contributors.   However, if we have a need to sell a property in order to buy another, then this is perfectly allowable – provided a solid business case can be made to the Trustees..


A challenge for PCANZ right now is how we can  leverage the PCANZ vast property portfolio in order to release funding for mission.  This will be one of my key priorities that I will be taking up as Moderator.


Thanks for your support and patience around the projects. We are making progress.