Building Project Update (December 2019)


Sano Diyo
This project has been completed and the facility is being very effectively used.  Thank you to everyone for your financial support for this great project.
West Melton Stage 1
See  photos of the opening of Stage 1 on Sunday, 24 November below.  It is very exciting to see this project completed and the building being well-used.  It is a very high-quality facility and although it has taken longer to complete than we had hoped, it has been worth the wait.  The local building team and West Melton folk have contributed a huge amount of time and effort to bring this to completion.
West Melton Stage 2
The latest concepts – see below – have been signed off and the process of detailed design is underway.  This process draws up what will actually be built.  We are expecting revised costings very soon, and once we have these to hand, a congregational meeting will be called for formal approval of the plans, costings and the funding plan.  All this will be presented at that meeting, which will be early in 2020.  We want to keep this project moving in order to hit our aspirational target of opening at the end of 2020….Then we can start on building Rolleston!
At the last building programme meeting, a new Rolleston concept was presented, See below.  The Rolleston building team and congregation will consider this  – alongside the previous concept  – and decide which way to go.  The indicative costing for the new concept is about $5.5m; the previous concept would be about $6.8m.