Invited to Enjoy the Relationship

Author: hopecomms

This story is about how God has been working in my life since the beginning of the year, bringing a real shift in my relationship with Him.

It goes back to February this year. I was reading Matthew 24 and started wondering “Am I a sheep or a goat?, Am I feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty…?…Am I doing what God expects me to do?” And so I prayed about this.

Then I had a dream where a lady came to me and told me “Here is your answer, Galatians: 3.11-12”. I woke up and read those two verses, as well as the whole chapter 3 of Galatians, and it was really the answer I needed to hear, as it’s all about the work of the flesh versus the work of the Spirit. I want to show my gratitude

towards God by serving him. And I can worry that I’m not doing enough in regards to all he has done for me, not in order to earn salvation but out of gratitude for my salvation. But God has shown me that worrying about this is also the work of the flesh and not the work of the spirit. It’s a tricky trap but a trap all the same.

Then I went to the worship evening at Hope (Next step with the Holy Spirit). I did not know what to expect, but I was really open to whatever the Holy Spirit wanted to do in me. During the worship time, I went to the front for prayer and asked Steve Talbot to pray that I could be empowered by the Holy Spirit to be a better witness for God. Steve asked Maewyn to come and pray for me as well. I started praying, then Steve prayed, then it was Maewyn’s turn and she said something that really spoke deeply to my heart: “God wants me to tell you to relax in Him, to rejoice in Him and enjoy your relationship with Him. He wants you to know that He is using you, and you need to trust Him.”

When she was finished, we sat together and she told me that she had prepared many things to pray for me, but when her turn came, everything she had prepared went dry and she felt that God was telling her what to pray.

I believe it was really the Spirit talking to my heart, as I felt as if a big burden was lifted from my heart.

I think God continued the work He started in me with my dream, telling me to stop fretting about what I do for Him and start enjoying Him, enjoying my relationship with Him. And the closer I’ll be to Him, the more I will bring Him with me in every situation I meet and the more He will minister through me.

Member at Hope Presbyterian – Hornby


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    That message answers my same question.
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