Maybe Easter isn’t just another holiday. At Hope we celebrate Easter because we remember Jesus and the new life found through his death and resurection. Come and explore what Easter might mean to you.

We would love for you and your family to celebrate Easter and the message of Jesus with us this year. We know that church can sometimes be an intimidating place, so we want to make sure that we have something for everyone this Easter. We’ll be having a fun Passover meal for the whole family on Thursday night 29 March and a quieter more reflective Service – with hot cross buns! – on Friday morning at Hornby.

When Jesus came to earth  he was all about the paradox and taught the following: “You want to be first, become last.  You want life, give it up.  If you want more, give it all away. You see death – I’m bringing life”  The cross was always a symbol of death and torture, now it’s symbolises life and triumph.  And it’s there that we’re starting our Easter weekend as we go from death to life, brokeness to healing and sorrow to joy.  Join us for Easter as we see how Jesus made right the wrong and restored that which was broken – you will not be disappointed

We look forward to you joining us at our services this Easter.

Hope Hornby:
Family Passover Movie // 29th March @ 6pm
Good Friday Service // 30th March @ 9.30am
Sunday Service // 1st April @ 10.30am
The Living Room // 1st April @ 6pm
Hope Rolleston:
Family Passover Movie // 29th March @ 6pm
Good Friday Service // 30th March @ 10am
Sunday Service // 1st April @ 10am
Hope West Melton:
Sunday Service // 1st April @ 9.30am
Hope Halkett
Sunday Service // 1st April @ 11am