Parenting Place Toolbox: Middle Years

May 14, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Hope West Melton
1136 W Coast Rd
West Melton 7676
New Zealand
$75 p/p or $110 per couple
Jo Pomare

The Middle Years

6-12 years Make the most of these years while your children still want to be part of your team!
The Middle Years covers:

• Parent types
• Building character and self-esteem
• Emotional resilience
• Discipline
• Creating traditions and memories
• Capitalising on the ‘tween-age years’

Toolbox courses are free to foster carers, whanau caregivers, adopters, grandparents raising grandchildren, and Home for Life parents thanks to government funding. We are also able to offer free training for participants wishing to become Toolbox facilitators.


Build a great family team
• Small group course with a trained facilitator
• Six sessions per course
• Tailored to your needs


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