Hope Youth Big Night Out

March 29, 2019 @ 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Jellie Park
$10 / $15 (with hydroslide)
Contact your Youth Pastor

Hope Youth are going to Jellie Park. Come join in on our epic blow out before the colder evenings hit! Last chance to go on the outside diving boards and hydroslides before they close for the year.

Meet at your site at 5:30 and we will transport you from there.

Cost is $10 or $15 with hydroslide. (Dinner is included.)

What to bring: Togs, towel, floaties, goggles, flippers, snorkle, onesie, wetsuit… anything goes really.Warm clothes for afterwards. Picnic blanket if you’d like…

Contact your Youth Pastor for more information (Vinnie, Courtney, Emily-Jane)

  • We would love to know how confident you are in the water!
    By registering I acknowledge that I have parental permission to attend this event. My parent / caregiver is aware that I am swimming and / or hydrosliding and that given the nature of the venue I will not be accompanied or within visual range of the leaders 100% of the time. Jellie Park is a public venue - there will be others outside of Hope Youth in attendance. We are all under the health and safety jurisdiction of the venue and their life guards. Please take reasonable care and listen to the instructions of the Youth Leaders and venue staff.
    I understand that by filling out this form my information may be kept on file by Hope Presbyterian (and it's associated groups) to use for administrative purposes. I understand that photos from this event that may include pictures of me/others may be used by Hope Presbyterian (and it's associated groups) for promotional purposes.
  • Parents/Guardians

  • I confirm that my car has a current WOF/Rego and is up to standard.