An overview of the Biblical narrative

Sometime preachers divide the scriptures up in to tiny portions. The famous evangelical preacher of last Century, Martin Lloyd Jones, spent so long preaching through the book of Romans that his sermons had to be published in 14 volumes! There is benefit in digging into scripture in this depth.

But it is also good to step back and look at the big picture; to see the narrative of scripture as one big story. This is important for a number of reasons. In an age of decreasing bible knowledge it helps people to get a handle on key stories and themes. And it is so important for getting perspective on the different books and texts of the bible and where they fit in.

Therefore, we have a7 week preaching series which will take us from beginnings to fall, from fall to redemption, from redemption initiated to redemption completed. It is a dramatic and exciting story of God’s interaction with the world and with us. It is the kind of series that will help Christians to get good perspective. And it is a good one to ask seekers to come along to for the purpose of getting a good overview of what the Bible is on about.