Advent Sermon Series

Commencing 3 December 2017

We all know the claims and promises: “Buy this and you will be satisfied and complete – plus we’ll throw in a set of steak knives!” This advent come and find out about the gifts God offers – gifts that satisfy and complete; gifts that endure





Do you remember that moment at Christmas when you opened up a gift only to be greeted by something that you neither wanted nor needed – and someone follows up with that old adage “well…’s the thought that counts.”  While this comment may bring little comfort at the time, there is an element of truth in it.  If we drill down into why we give gifts in the first place, (aside from the symbolic meaning) we give because we want to communicate intangibles like love, relationship and value to the people in our world.  

Our upcoming series “Not Sold in Stores” is all about the intangibles of Christmas as we journey through Joy, Peace, Hope and finally Love as we turn our attention to these things that cannot be bought but only communicated.  Join us throughout this season of advent as we not only look at how we can bring these four qualities into our lives, but we look to the One who epitomized them all here on earth.